Everything I googled in a week

First up, this post was inspired by Sophie's blog post to show that even professional developers have to google the most basic things.

They are taken straight from my browser history without regard to spelling mistakes.


  • jquery add class - forgot jquery syntax
  • newtonsoft json uppercase firstletter - wanted to fix my json formatting in a razor view when using Json.Serialize()
  • kendo numeric format integer - formatting number value without decimals
  • submit form asynchronously
  • jquery off - form kept submitting multiple times, needed to remove the listener using $('#form').off().on('submit')'


  • c# fromat doublöe - 🤦‍♂️
  • c# format double value - wanted to output 1.12 instead of 1,12
  • c# double to string with dot - ^


  • IOptions in unit test - mock data that usually comes from a configuration file
  • kendo grid clienttemplate - kendo specific client template syntax
  • kendo grid clienttemplate if
  • c# faltten list - 😅. Wanted to flatten a list. Found a nice use-case for .SelectMany()
  • c# online - quick online test of a code snippet
  • gridsome markdown vue - wondering if gridsome supports vue components in markdown (it doesn't yet)


  • graphql format date
  • webpack define global variable
  • JSON.serialize quotes in string - had an issue with double serialized JSON not properly escaping quotes.
  • js escape quotes
  • json escape quotes
  • c# json serialize escape double quots - finally solved the problem
  • async load google fonts - to increase site performance
  • xamarin - checking for xamarin news, especially news regarding xamarin hot-reload


  • html input type double - you can set the attribute step on an input with type='number'
  • svg scale to container
  • .net core httpclient post file - I always forget how to use MultiPartFormData
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