Tools and gear I'm using

This is a list of tools I'm using for development.


  • ASP.NET Core in the back
  • Vue.js in the front
  • Flutter for mobile app development



  • Figma for designing/prototyping
  • Notion for tasks/notes
  • OBS for recording/streaming
  • Spotify for all my music needs

Desk Setup

My desk setup

PC Specs

Hosting / Domains

  • DigitalOcean for all my Linux Cloud needs
  • I buy my domains at Namecheap
  • I use Github to host my code
  • I use Azure DevOps for my CI/CD pipelines
  • I use Netlify to host my static pages for free
  • I have also rented a root server from netcup where I host my ASP.NET Core projects


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